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Customise Your Outdoor Space with Affordable Ziptrak Awnings

Ziptrak AwningsWhenever a temporary shade, sheltering or creating a designated area is required, ziptrak awnings is the right solution – it helps customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings.

If you want to set up some shady area in your garden (say for your kids to play outside but not in the sun) or for a place to relax in your garden but protected from sunlight, or setup chairs on the pavement in fact, anywhere that shade is required, Ziptrack awnings are ideal - it helps customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings.

Too hot to sit outside or want to shade a bunch of windows during summer? Ziptrak blinds or awnings, are the solution. You can buy Ziptrack awnings that suit your space for an elegant outdoor look. Besides homes, Ziptrak awnings are also ideal for cafes so they can cover their outdoor space with custom awnings.

Who in Australia does not enjoy a good barbecue or a get together with family and friends? Whenever you need to setup some even outside the house but in a shade, opt for ziptrak awnings and save yourself and friends and family from the harsh Australian sun with temperatures easily exceeding 40 degrees.

You need no longer stay indoors during the summer – thanks to ziptrak awnings you can now enjoy the summer outdoors too. In fact, you can customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings that are now available in a large variety of styles, colours, textures and features too.

Use Ziptrak Awnings for covering your patio or cafe blinds and you can get them customised to your exact requirement complete with 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty. Today Ziptrak awnings are available with good quality patio, alfresco and cafe blinds to provide much needed shade for your outdoor space. In fact, the Ziptrack awnings you use can be matched to your home or business establishment décor – you can even add your logo or message to it. If you are not sure which style or design suits your requirement best, you can talk to knowledgeable and helpful customer service at Apollo Blinds Sydney and at their branch outlets all over Australia. You can request for a free, no obligation quotation too.

Ziptrak Awnings today can help you customise your outdoor space and create a stunning and versatile outdoor space and no hassle of expensive renovation either. In fact, if you need to add a temporary room in your backyard you can do so with Ziptrak’s outdoor blinds – they are also idea for creating a semi-shadded area for your plants.

Ziptrak Awnings Sydney are quite versatile and are optionally available with very strong track guided system that are spring loaded for ease of use. Optionally, you can even motorise the track and add a remote control too – which is ideal for roadside cafe and very time and labour saving.

The one place in Australia where you can see all the options and fulfil your need for Ziptrak Awnings Sydney is, Apollo Blinds, Sydney and their branches all over Australia. You can also visit their website here: for more Modern Awnings.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-09-29 04:16)

Tags: Blinds Sydney Awnings Sydney

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Add A Value To Your Property By Installing Louvre Shutter

Louvre ShutterLouvre shutters add great value to your property and if hurricanes even like Irma category 5 hit your home, you do not have to board up your windows if you have louvre shutters installed – that's how they add value to your property.

In fact, Louvre shutters can not protect your home from storms and hurricanes, they add an extra layer of security to your property and you will feel less insecure than having just glass doors and windows. You can add louvre shutters to even large doors such as those fitted on balconies by adding bi-fold and three-fold louvre shutters.

Most folks assume that adding louvre shutters is a big headache – not true. You can just visit shops such as Apollo blinds, Sydney and they will come over, measure your window(s) and or door(s) and also do the fitting for you. You even get to choose the type of louvre shutters you like and colours too so they match the home décor.

If you are a DIY kind of person than making louver shutters is real easy-busy. The secret is in a jig for use with your favourite router. Firstly, you cut the rails and stiles for your particular set of wooden louvers.

Knowing that each slat in the louvers will require one vertical inch of space, you should leave a 1/8" gap for each adjacent slats (top and bottom). For example, if you require a 2' tall opening for the louvers, you'll need to have a opening that is 2-feet and one quarter inch and insert 24 angled slats at exactly one-inch intervals. Also, you will need 1/4" deep groove so the slats must be formed half inch more than the width of the opening. In this way you can add value to your property.

You can make louvres for anything be it doors or windows you just need to know the dimensions of the opening. You can even use your best judgement as to how wide each of the stiles and rails should be ripped to maintain the integrity and give it a decent look. And when making the slats, be sure to cut a few extra slats – just in case one or two get spoilt during the making.

For those of you who would rather visit apollo blinds and buy read-to-use Louvre Shutters Online, you select them by figuring out your desired privacy and airflow. This will dictate the size and gap between the slats. Next is to figure out the louvre will handle the desired air volume flow while providing adequate privacy and rain resistance:

If all this seems a bit too complex or complicated don't worry. Just head directly to Apollo Blinds, Sydney or any of the branch outlets all over Australia and ask them for assistance in selecting the right Louvre Shutters Online for your home. You can also visit their website here: for Online Timber Venetian Blinds.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-09-21 04:56)

Tags: Louvre Shutters Online Custom Cedar Shutters

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Style and Convenience with Motorised Roller Blinds

Roller BlindsRoller blinds by themselves are a convenient, stylish and attractive window covering option. The spring loaded mechanism of a roller blind allows for easy operation – just pull down the base of the roller to unroll the blind. Motorisation of the blinds takes this convenience a step further, you can control the blind at the touch of a button, even remotely.

Roller blinds complement any style of interiors with their elegant and neat look. Your living room and bedroom décor is enhanced with the style and the convenience of motorised blinds. Motorised roller blinds are the perfect solution to windows that are high up or beyond the reach and cord system is not a practical option. Similarly, motorisation works well in case of very large windows where the weight of the fabric might make the cord pulley system unwieldy and difficult to handle.

One of the advantages of motorised roller blinds lies in the fact that there are no cords dangling or hanging down by the window. Hanging cords create a hazard for playful children who may get themselves entangled, leading to accidents. Even pets are tempted to play with dangling cords which can again lead to unnecessary complications.

Our aim is to create a living space that contributes to our health and well-being, motorised roller blinds help us achieve this goal. They add to the safety, convenience and comfort of our home. Motorised roller blinds help control the heat and light entering the home thus saving valuable energy.

Motorised roller blinds are available in a vast selection of fabrics, colour and textures. No matter what the style in your home, you're sure to find a selection that will match with the interiors and create an elegant ambience.

Apollo Blinds ( offer a wide choice in automated window coverings. The products are of superior quality manufactured using the best of materials. Additionally, you will find that the products you choose are quite reasonably priced and within your budget.

The motorised roller blinds from Apollo Blinds are so designed that they are quiet and discreet. The motor for the blind is concealed in the roller tube so that there is virtually no noise when the blind is operated. With the beautiful fabrics available at Apollo Blinds, you can achieve a stylish and attractive Roller Shutters for your house.

You can call the store for a free in-home measure and quote or book online through the website. Once you place your order, you can be sure that the efficient team members from Apollo Blinds will custom make and install your motorised roller blinds promptly.

So, if you're planning to change your window coverings, choose Affordable Awnings from Apollo Blinds?

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-09-11 06:04)

Tags: Roller Shutters Online Window Blinds

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How to Install Timber Venetian Blinds in your House?

Timber Venetian BlindsWith Venetian blinds you can choose the warmth of natural wood or the practicality of aluminium and PVC depending on where you want to install them in your house. Timber Venetian Blinds from Apollo Blinds come in two varieties, Cedar Timber and Basswood Timber. Both these varieties of timber Venetian blinds are available in a range of tones, colours and finishes.

Timber Venetian Blinds are ideally suited for bedrooms, lounges, studies and offices. Quite often these rooms of the house receive a lot of sunlight and you want to control the heat and make sure that it does not get trapped in the rooms. Timber Venetian Blinds do an excellent job of blocking out the heat whenever required. They can be raised to let in the light and enjoy the outdoor view or closed as the need arises.

Timber Venetian blinds are lightweight and sturdy. Both Cedar and Basswood timber are medium density timbers that offer the best insulating properties. Basswood timber is resistant to warping and has an even grain that gives a sleek and neat look to your Venetian Blinds. In fact, Basswood timber Venetian Blinds can be used in all areas of your house including the kitchen. Being lightweight, timber Venetian blinds from Apollo Blinds are extremely easy to operate. They are strong and durable, making them good value for money.

Here are basic steps to install Timber Venetian Blinds:

Before beginning to install the Venetian blinds, gather the tools and materials required for the installation. You will need a pencil, a few screws, a measuring tape, a level, a screwdriver, a drill machine and most importantly a step ladder.

1. Align the brackets on either side of the window frame and ensure they are in a straight line using the level.
2. With a pencil mark the screw holes on each bracket.
3. Drill holes with the drill machine.
4. Using the screwdriver and screws, fit the brackets into place.
5. Hold the blind from beneath and push into the brackets.
6. Push the blind towards the window and fit it into place. Make sure to clip the blind into the bracket, securely.
7. Install the child safety device according to the instructions.

These are the simple and basic steps to install Online Venetian Blinds. However, if you're intimidated by the thought of doing this yourself, leave it to the experts at Apollo Blinds. The store representative will come and complete the installation quickly and efficiently.

Apollo Blinds supplies all types of blinds, Roller Shutters and Modern Awnings that are custom designed to suit your home. You might want to take a look at their gallery for ideas or request for a free measure and quote; visit to book your order online or find out more about the amazing deals Apollo Blinds has on offer.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-08-31 03:19)

Tags: Modern Awnings Venetian Blinds Online

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Update The Look Of Your House With Affordable Fixed Cafe Awnings

Fixed Cafe AwningsThe Australian summer heat can be very brutal and so home owners make every effort to keep the house comfortable during that time. There are various options to protect your interiors from the harsh sun, like blinds, shutters and awnings. With a combination of the right kind of blinds and awnings, you can control a substantial amount of heat entering your home. A good choice is affordable fixed cafe awnings that go on the outside of your doors and windows to prevent the hot sun entering your home.

Along with updating the look of your house, fixed cafe awnings offer a number of benefits:

• As stated before, fixed cafe awnings provide the shade over doors and windows, which prevents the heat from entering the room. With the right type of blind on the window combined with a fixed canopy awning outside, your home will be several degrees cooler than the outdoors.

• A fixed cafe awning also protects the interiors from the harsh glare of the sun. Your house is sheltered from the direct sun rays that can cause fading of the flooring, furniture and draperies.

• Australians love to entertain outdoors, and so you find many homes with outdoor patios and decks. These areas meant for outdoor entertainment are only used in pleasant weather. However, covering such areas with fixed cafe awnings is a good way to make use of the space as often as possible. A patio covered with a fixed cafe awning can be used as a seating area even in summer.

• Fixed cafe awnings help maintain an ambient temperature in your home without the energy consumption of the air conditioner. So in a way, awnings help you conserve energy and promote monetary savings.

Fixed cafe awnings from Apollo Blinds are an affordable solution for sun protection while also adding a contemporary look to your home. Available in a variety of colours, the materials come in acrylic, mesh and canvas. The awning has a sail track on the top with 5-sided front rail and powder coated arms for support. They are ideally suited to go over windows, doors and shop fronts.

At Apollo Blinds Plantation Shutters are custom made to fit the space and installed by experienced crew members who have a professional and friendly attitude. All products from Apollo Blinds are of the highest quality but reasonably priced.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home but still need some sun protection, Awnings Melbourne are the best choice. A representative from Apollo will visit your home for a consultation with free measure and quote. You might even book an order online at or call the store for more information.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-08-23 04:08)

Tags: Modern Cedar Shutters Online Fixed Awnings

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Custom Ziptrak Awnings: New Style And Comfort For Your Outdoor Space

Custom Ziptrak AwningsOutdoor entertaining is so much fun. For many Australians it is a way of life and many home owners make the extra effort to create a comfortable and cosy outdoor living space. The extreme Australian weather may not always permit outdoor entertaining, however, there are several ways where one can extend the indoor living space to the outdoors. Custom Ziptrak awnings from Apollo Blinds are one option to add a new style and comfort for your outdoor space.

Custom Ziptrak Awnings not only create a comfortable outdoor space, they also improve the style and appearance of your home or commercial space, thus adding value to your property. Ziptrak awnings are custom designed and manufactured in Australia to suit the typical Australian weather conditions. So, your Ziptrak awnings provide complete protection from the harsh UV rays and heat while allowing you to control the light and air that enters your space.

Depending on the fabric used for the blinds and awnings, they protect you from the heat, dust, rain, wind and insects. The fabric for Ziptrak blinds can either be high-tech solar fabric, clear PVC or tinted PVC depending on your requirement. The custom designed blinds move smoothly and easily on the side tracks allowing for easy operation. They can be raised to any height and locked at the bottom when they are lowered down.

Ziptrak blinds and awnings keep your outer space cool in summers and warm during winter. They are extremely easy to operate – there are no cords, wires or zips to contend with, simply push up or down. Ziptrak awnings are relatively maintenance free although an occasional wipe down of the screen ensures that they remain free of dust and grime. You can choose between motorised and manual operation of the blinds, as per your convenience.

Custom Roman Blinds are designed to withstand windy conditions, it is advisable to either draw them right up or close and lock them down in extremely windy weather. PVC screen fabric will protect your patio or verandah from rain and wind, keeping the area comfortable and usable even during a bad weather spell.

Solar fabric used in Ziptrak screens protects your area from the glare and sun rays. It is a complete UV protection for your outdoor space. This makes your outdoors comfortable and the perfect space for relaxation during hot summer days.

Cheap Timber Venetian Blinds are the perfect choice for an enclosed outdoor space. Visit for more ideas, information and to get a free measure and quote. Call the store for a free consultation or book online for a customised solution for your outdoor space, today.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-08-11 03:29)

Tags: Custom Roller Blinds Online Ziptrak Blinds Awnings

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Features And Benefits Of Basswood Shutters

Basswood ShuttersWooden shutters on your windows lend an old world charm to your living space. If you're considering timber shutters for your home, basswood shutters are the ideal choice. They are a popular window covering option used in many Australian homes. Basswood shutters offer certain benefits that other shutters don't.


• As the name suggests, Basswood shutters are made from basswood which is a medium density hardwood called “Tilia Americana”. This hardwood is a member of the Linden family of trees having strong trucks and a fine woodgrain. As a result the shutters created from basswood have a fine texture and a smooth finish.

• Basswood being a medium density timber is neither too heavy nor too light. Yet, it is reasonably hard enough to withstand shocks and bumps.

• Unlike other timbers, basswood is not prone to warping due to heat and moisture. It is kiln dried to remove almost 90% moisture which makes it resistant to warping.


• Since basswood resists warping, the shutters made from it do not bend out of shape. Basswood shutters can be installed even is spaces where you would otherwise avoid timber shutters like bathrooms and kitchens.

• Basswood shutters are durable and sturdy due to the natural hardness of the wood. The wood also works well with the bonding materials and having a fine grain the shutters come with a smooth finish. As such, you'll find basswood shutters are well made, giving a sleek and elegant appeal to your home.

• Shutters can be custom designed to suit the windows or doors with the panel size as per your choice. The blades also come in various sizes. The wood itself can be painted or stained to the colour of your choice.

• As with all wooden shutters, Online Plantation Shutters also allow you to control the light and heat entering the room. You can leave the blades angled to let in some light and air or they can be completely closed to block out the light.

• One of the most important benefit basswood shutters provide is that of insulation. When the blades are closed, you have an insulated space so that the heat does not leave the room in winters or prevents it from entering your home in summer.

Apollo Blinds are suppliers of blinds, Affordable Awnings and shutters in Australia since 1988. They specialise in Australian manufactured products that are of the highest quality, custom designed to your specifications but affordable and within budget. Basswood shutters or any other product from Apollo Blinds is designed and manufactured with quality materials and professionally installed. If you're planning to install shutters for your home or office, book for a free consultation, measure and quote at, today.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-08-02 03:53)

Tags: Custom Folding Arm Awnings Custom Basswood Shutters

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What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Shutters?

Aluminium ShuttersAluminium is a strong and durable material that is ideally suited to external applications. It does not warp or become brittle like wood, it does not rust like iron and is perfectly suited to the harsh Australian weather conditions. It therefore follows that aluminium shutters are the best window covering option for your home. Apart from these obvious benefits of aluminium shutters let us look at some more positive aspects of using aluminium to build shutters for your home.


Aluminium shutters are a great tool if you want complete privacy from nosy neighbours. If you are concerned with burglaries or break-ins in your neighbourhood, external aluminium shutters do a pretty good job of keeping the interiors of your home hidden from the roving eye of burglars. They are practical in the sense that they can be opened fully for the light and the view or can be closed whenever needed.


Safety and security of your home and property is of prime importance. External aluminium shutters protect your home from intruders by serving as a deterrent first and a defensive measure next. Shutters keep the interiors of your home from plain view serving as a deterrent to prospective thieves. Being strong and sturdy, aluminium shutters are difficult to break into thus preventing burglaries and intrusions. To provide additional security, aluminium shutters can be reinforced and lockable.


With aluminium shutters, your options are endless. They can be installed inside or outside, in fact they are ideal for exteriors because of their resistance to the weathering elements. Speaking of aesthetics, aluminium shutters can be powder coated to match the colour scheme of your building exteriors. Aluminium shutters can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. You can choose from among fixed, hinged, bi-fold, sliding or moveable types depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Creating outdoor living space

Outdoor spaces like patios and porches are generally screened with aluminium shutters. This creates a space that is protected from the sun, wind and rain, which can be used all the year round. Aluminium shutters gives these outdoor areas a feel of the indoor sanctuary.

Apart from these benefits of aluminium shutters, they are also a worthwhile investment into your property. Once fitted, aluminium shutters will last you a lifetime. In spite of the steep costs, blinds online prove to be a good investment due to their durability and low maintenance costs.

Looking for elegant window coverings in Australia, think Apollo Blinds. Blinds, online Plantation Shutters and awnings, whatever you need is just a mouse click away. Book a free measure and quote online at Or visit the store at any of the locations listed on the website to get first-hand impressions of quality and the products available.

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-07-25 02:28)

Tags: Cheap Roller Shutters Custom Aluminium Shutters

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Difference Between Commercial And Motorized Blinds

Motorized BlindsJust like in a residential home, window blinds are an integral part of any commercial space. Window blinds come in various options – there are Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, cellular blinds, and many more. Selecting the best option for your commercial space depends on budget, space and of course, your choice.

Unlike a residential setting, commercial areas require a large volume of supplies. This holds true for blinds as well. Whether it is a small store or a sprawling office block, catering to the requirements for commercial blinds requires an experienced supplier who can handle the design, manufacturing and installation efficiently. Apollo Blinds is a reputed blinds supplier in Australia, operating since 1988 and is therefore well experienced to supply bulk commercial orders for blinds, shutters and awnings.

When it comes to internal blinds in a commercial setting, there are certain features that serve an important purpose. For example, the motorisation of blinds is an added convenience for an office set-up. Blinds can be manually operated with the help of a cord and pulley system or the operation can be motorised. Several households have opted for motorised blinds in their homes for the added convenience – your blinds can be controlled with just a touch of the button. Motorised blinds are a convenient and practical option for commercial spaces as well.

Opening and closing the Custom Aluminium Shutters manually can be quite a tedious affair. In a commercial setting this can mean deputing a staff member to do it everyday. With Apollo's commercial motorised blinds you can create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. The is no bother of chains or cords which helps to create a neat work space. Motorisation of blinds allows for automation of the repetitive task of opening and closing the blinds, which can save a lot of man hours in a work environment.

Window blinds in hard-to-reach areas can be easily operated if they are motorised. With the touch of a button on the remote you can open or close the Affordable Roller Blinds was as you see fit. Motorised blinds can be set up with a timer device that will do the job of opening or closing the blinds remotely. You don't need to be physically present – just set up the timer and the job will be done for you.

If you're looking for window coverings for your office or commercial establishments, Apollo Blinds has the expertise to cater to your requirements. Even if you need advice on window treatments for your home or office, the expert staff at Apollo Blinds will guide you to make the best choice. With Apollo, you are assured of quality products that are manufactured locally and installed to perfection along with quick after sales services. Request for a free measure and quote at

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-07-18 06:16)

Tags: Affordable Cellular Blinds Affordable Vertical Blinds

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Transform Your Home With Stylish and Attractive Fixed Canopy Awnings

Fixed Canopy AwningsCanopy awnings lend an old world charm to the building structure. Often, you find canopy awnings over shop fronts. Stylish and attractive fixed canopy awnings ensure that the business establishment stands out from the crowd. A colourful canopy awning is a great tool that is bound to attract more clients and business although its main aim is to protect people from the rain and sun at the entryway.

Fixed canopy awnings are not meant only for shops or business premises, they work equally well for a residential setting. You can use fixed canopy awnings for covering windows and doors in your home. The size, shape colour and design of canopy awnings ensure that your home looks attractive and the overall pleasing effect certainly adds value to it.

An awning is a roof-like cover made up of canvas or PVC that stretches on a frame to extend the sheltered area at the entrance of a building. It can be put up over a window, balcony, deck or patio to shelter users from the hot sun and rain. Fixed canopy awnings over windows keeps the interiors cool so you make some saving on energy bills too. Bright colours and bold patterns create a unique sense of style for your home or business establishment. Also, they increase the aesthetic beauty of the property with their arresting appearance.

Canopy awnings come in a range of shapes and colours. As to the size, fixed canopy awnings are made to order so that you have a perfect fit. There are also different varieties of canopy awnings namely, fixed and retractable. The retractable ones can be neatly folded and kept out of the way when not required. Fixed or stationary canopy awnings are fixed as the term suggests. These are easier to maintain and keep clean because there are no movable portions.

To the home owner, fixed canopy awnings provide a number of benefits. Protection from the elements is the main advantage of putting up a canopy awning. When put up over a deck or patio, awnings protect the furniture, upholstery, drapes and the flooring from fading due to harsh sun rays. For a commercial set up, an Affordable Cellular Blinds can serve a dual purpose - as a signboard. Printing the name of the establishment on the awning attracts attention of passing public, and this is certainly great for business.

Transform your home with stylish and attractive Awnings Online from Apollo Blinds, Australia. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colours to suit your home exteriors. The products are of the highest quality with a powder coated aluminium rib structure covered with fabric of your choice and tailor made to fit the desired space. Request for a free measure and quote at

Post by Apollo Blinds (2017-07-11 03:15)

Tags: Custom Fixed Canopy Awnings Affordable Ziptrak Blinds Awnings

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